Our Commitment

Vaycay Beauty Co. is on a mission to get as many women as possible to switch to zero-waste haircare. We are a beauty brand that believes that if we combine the beauty experience with sustainable and inclusive options, we can have more women give up plastic bottles. 

We have a few areas we are working on and wish to improve upon as our business grows. 

Zero-Waste - as a small business we have to try our best to compete and keep costs down, however we are committed to offering zero-waste products including our packaging. Our commitment to you is to always fight plastic in as many ways as possible from our suppliers through to our retailers. Currently our packaging includes cardboard box and cotton bags. We won't always get it right, but we won't stop trying. 

Diversity - as a brand owned by a woman of color, we are committed to centering women of color. We strongly believe that women of color need to be seen and heard, and that will continue to remain our priority. 

Giving back - we are in the process of identifying a few charities that support conservation and female empowerment. If you have a recommendation, we would love to hear it. Please email us at

Ethical Sourcing - all of our bars are handmade in the USA. Everyday we speak to our suppliers to ensure our manufacturers are sourcing ingredients from ethical suppliers and we are continually requesting further transparency of our supply chain. 

Eco-Tourism - Our founder is from Fiji and our desire is to show local people and culture on the destinations that we profile. We will be using our marketing platforms to educate on eco-tourism and how to engage in local communities. 

We will continue to develop and push these commitments of our business and look forward to updating you on our efforts. Thank you for your support.