⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Shampoo and conditioner bars are quickly becoming popular around the world and for good reason. We really don't need single-use bottles to have amazing hair! Here's four reasons why:

Why use solid haircare?


Created with premium, ecofriendly and all-natural ingredients. Contains No Parabens, No Palm Oils, No Propylene Glycol, No SLS or SLES, No Colorings, No Phthalates & No Silicones.


Our premium haircare bars shield the hair and scalp against the damaging effects of oxidative stress. These solid bars are perfectly gentle on hair and skin.


With highly moisturizing formula, our haircare bundle is an intensive treatment to revitalize damaged strands and reconstruct, nourish, and restore hair structure.


1 shampoo and conditioner set is equivalent to 4 bottles of liquid shampoos. It'll last for months and think of the single-use plastics you’ll avoid!

We stand by our product and we know once you use them, you will understand the how easy it is switching from bottles to bars!

Why switch, you ask?

  • Did you know the beauty industry creates over 120 BILLION pieces of plastic a year?
  • Did you know only 9% of that plastic actually gets recycled?
  • All plastic ever made is still on the planet today.
  • You don't need plastic or chemicals for healthy and full hair!

Our haircare bars smell amazing and for most of our customers instantly gives your hair a lift. These bars are handmade and uniquely formulated in the USA.

What people are saying:

I couldn’t believe it

These bars are the best – hands down. My hair feels wonderful and silky after just one wash. I was definitely skeptical at first but it was easy to use. Oh and they smell amazing! I’m a customer for life.

Best set hands down

Ok these bars are extraordinary! They were super gentle on my hair. And they really do work. After just a few washes I can see the difference in the volume. Highly recommend!

Must buy!!

I've been using these bars and have since bought several. I can't see myself going back to regular liquid stuff. I buy a set every two months and it's my little splurge but really it's easier than buying store stuff & it's better. My friends all come over and ask me about it and I love telling them. Please never stop selling these!

My fave!

I've bought 3 sets of this in the last 6 months..I literally can't get enough. They don't just smell amazing they make my hair soft and bouncy... never going back to regular shampoo!! They even helped my hair grow. My hairdresser was shocked. Thank you!!

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See just how easy it is to use bars:

Terms and Conditions: We reserve the right to give bars based on preference. Instagram must not be on private. Australian and USA customers only and 1 per customer. New customers only. We do not promise everyone will receive free bars. While stocks last.