At Vaycay Beauty Co. we believe in combining a love for luxury with a love for the planet. Our zero-waste haircare bars are carefully crafted to meet this mission – creating a high-end beauty experience without the environmental guilt. Call us foolish, but we figure if we can offer both sustainable and inclusive options, within the luxury experience, then we can get more people to switch from bottles to bars, thereby saving more plastic from our oceans.

But we know for women who care about haircare, that's not enough. That's why we are ‘raising the bar’ in haircare to consider performance as much as we do our packaging.  We use ethically sourced premium ingredients and high quality essential oil blends to provide a relaxing wash day experience packed with benefits, to leave you with more moisture, volume and bounce. Our bars last for over 2 months and it's easy to be obsessed by our signature scents. Are you ready to make the switch?

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Our Story

While living in New York, I was on a hunt for sustainable haircare and didn't have much luck. I have thick Indian hair with frizzy ends, lots of knots and greasy roots; it truly has a life of its own! I wanted to embrace my natural texture but that would prove harder than I imagined. 

I struggled to find any affordable natural solutions that didn't flatten or break my hair. For years, I tried every hair bar on the market including the infamous Lush shampoo bars, and while some were better than others, there was always something missing. I wanted volume, sure, but I also wanted the beauty experience I was used to shopping in stores such as Sephora or Ulta Beauty. For years I switched between hair bars and liquid shampoo, hoping to come across something that was just right.

Ashlene Vacay bars Indian Hair Australia

Then on a trip to Miami, I discovered handmade shampoo & conditioner bars. These were unlike anything I had seen on the market. These were natural, vegan, cruelty-free & SLS-free. They lathered like my regular shampoo and my hair was instantly softer. After a few washes, I couldn't believe how much volume I had! And they were travel-friendly... what a bonus!

Ashlene Nand Vacay Bars Beauty Australia
After about a year, I started buying them for family and friends. Everyone who used the bars couldn't believe how good they were. So I began working with a supplier to develop a line of signature bars packed with more benefits, and irresistible scents, inspired by my love of travel. During COVID, I wanted haircare that could help me escape and remind me of the islands. Being a Fiji-Indian woman, I wanted to showcase my heritage and the power herbals in Indian Ayurvedic haircare. That's how our signature collection was born. 

Each set saves 2-4 plastic bottles and tonnes of chemicals from our drains. Isn't it incredible that we can have amazing hair, healthier scalps AND make a positive impact on our planet, too? I sincerely hope you give it a try! 

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Let me know how you go!

If you have more questions on how VAYCAY bars work, visit our FAQs here or reach out us on Instagram @vaycaybeautyco