How it all started...

Ashlene Nand Vacay Bars Beauty Australia

While living in New York, I was on a hunt for sustainable haircare and didn't have much luck. I have thick Indian hair with frizzy ends, lots of knots and greasy roots; it truly has a life of its own! I wanted to embrace my natural texture but that would prove harder than I imagined. 

I struggled to find any affordable natural solutions that didn't flatten or break my hair. For years, I tried every hair bar on the market including the infamous Lush shampoo bars, and while some were better than others, there was always something missing. I wanted volume, sure, but I also wanted the beauty experience I was used to shopping in stores such as Sephora or Ulta Beauty. For years I switched between hair bars and liquid shampoo, hoping to come across something that was just right.

Ashlene Vacay bars Indian Hair Australia

Then on a trip to Miami, I discovered handmade shampoo & conditioner bars. These were unlike anything I had seen on the market. These were natural, vegan, cruelty-free & SLS-free. They lathered like my regular shampoo and my hair was instantly softer. After a few washes, I couldn't believe how much volume I had! And they were travel-friendly... what a bonus!

Ashlene Nand South Asian haircare shampoo bars conditioner bars
After about a year, I started buying them for family and friends. Everyone who used the bars couldn't believe how good they were. So I began working with a supplier to develop a line of signature bars packed with more benefits, and irresistible scents, inspired by my love of travel. During COVID, I wanted haircare that could help me escape and remind me of the islands. Being a Fiji-Indian woman, I wanted to showcase my heritage and the power herbals in Indian Ayurvedic haircare. That's how our signature collection was born. 

Each set saves 2-4 plastic bottles and tonnes of chemicals from our drains. Isn't it incredible that we can have amazing hair, healthier scalps AND make a positive impact on our planet, too? I sincerely hope you give it a try! 

If you've read this far, here's 20% off on me. Use promo code ONVAYCAY. Enjoy!

Ash xx

If you have more questions on how VAYCAY bars work, visit our FAQs here or reach out us on Instagram @vaycaybeautyco