Creating Our Signature Collection

Vaycay Beauty Signature Collection Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

When we sat down to figure out what our signature scents should be, we quickly realised we wanted it to incorporate a few key elements. We wanted skincare ingredients for our hair - the natural, powerful stuff. We wanted the luxury beauty experience we were familiar with but weren't able to find with bars on the market. It was also during the middle of the pandemic and we were aching to travel with our haircare bars again. 

While we longed for tropical getaways and endless beaches but at the same time we were *very* grateful our planet was getting a much deserved break.  Shortly after it became clear to us our new collection had to be centered on the beach destinations of the world. If we could link our beauty products to the beauty of the planet, we could help more consumers make conscious purchases. That has long been a mission of Vaycay Beauty. 

So... if we couldn't get to the beach, we were going to bring it to us! 

male maldives city vaycay beauty

Our first specialty haircare set is 'Maldives with Marula' paying tribute to the stunning Maldives! Why the Maldives, you ask? Well, Maldives is much more than a luxury destination. Most people are unaware of the local cultural beauty these islands have to offer. It is important to us to tell the full story of the destinations that inspire us. We believe in eco-tourism and finding ways to give back to local communities when traveling. 

Nestled in the Arabian Sea in South Asia, it is made up of 1,192 islands! The local people of the islands are called Maldivian and its national language is Dhivehi. Islam is the official religion of the islands. 

Each island boasts a single resort hotel that is both locally owned and operated.  When tourists choose to stay in Maldivian-owned tourist facilities, a large percentage of the cost is re-invested in the preservation of nature and wildlife reserves all over the country, as well as the growth of the resort hotel itself. For more information on eco-tourism in the Maldives, click here.  

male maldives maldivian

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Where will we go next? Stay tuned!