These Women Of Color Are Spearheading The Sustainability Movement

These Women Of Color Are Spearheading The Sustainability Movement

Slow Your Scroll And Check This Out: The Badass Women Of Color Spearheading The Sustainability Movement On Instagram. 

We’ve all been there.

Lying lazily in bed scrolling through Instagram- oh look, here’s another ínfluencer hawking some kind of a miracle product in an obviously #sponsored post, trying to convince me that with this product, my crops will grow, skin will clear up and WiFi signal will boost 200%.


Still, amongst all the pushy product placement, sweaty gym selfies and #IWokeUpLikeThis snapshots, sometimes there’s some really good stuff out there on the ‘Gram (and we’re not just talking about our bars!).

Case in point: the Instagram feeds of these incredibly empowering BIPOC women who’re kicking ass and taking names on their crusade for a cleaner, greener planet.

They’re the ladies who know just how much the beauty industry contributes to the ever-growing landfills that dot the planet like raindrops on a window.

All those shiny highlighters, decadent body butters and inch-long manicured press-on nails? They’re all part of the garbage heap, non recyclable, non degradable and as it seems, non avoidable.

Hold up; we’re not asking you to ditch makeup and empty out your vanity forever (the horror)- but what all of us should be doing?

Taking a good, long look at our beauty routines and doing our best to minimize the damage we inflict on the planet, all while staying perfectly fabulous.  

How do we do that?

Through a few simple tweaks; like swapping out all those fancy bottles of product that are full of ingredients and chemical names a three year old couldn’t pronounce, supporting local beauty businesses, buying from verified, ethically sourced companies and my personal favorite; embracing solids and doubling up on beauty products.

For example, try tossing out your three separate bottles of moisturizer, foundation and concealer and switching it out with a single product that does double duty (or in this case, triple duty).

There’s a ton of two-in-one beauty products out there on the market and by choosing to invest in one of those, you’re not only saving the planet as well as your money, but you’re also maximising space. Total win!

Or if you’ve got thick, unruly hair that refuses to behave itself (hi, me), you could opt for solid haircare products like shampoo and conditioner bars.

Not only are they ridiculously convenient and portable, but they also work fantastic at helping your hair live its best life. Try out a bar or two from Lush, or if you’ve got gorgeous natural hair, give these beauties a go.

And if you need some inspo on how to live a cleaner, greener life, well, here you are.

Behold, the most badass women of color championing sustainability on everyone’s favorite Internet rabbithole; Instagram.

Dominique Drakeford

This woman is a POWERHOUSE; she’s the founder of Melanin And Sustainable Style, an extremely comprehensive and innovative platform that proudly (and rightfully) bills itself as a “safe space for melanated voices to promote sustainable style, cultural diversity and inclusive feminism”.

Along with her commendable efforts to level the playing field for BIPOC folks in the sustainable field, Dominique’s also killing it on the fashion front with her blog series titled “Dom’s Conscious Closet”, an enviable selection of stunning outfits that’re 100% sustainable.

Plus, she mentions the retailers where she sourced the pieces as well as their eco-friendly background. Bottom line: this lady is amazing. Follow her on Instagram here.

 dominique drakeford women of color sustainability instagram

Image Source: @dominiquedrakeford

Conscious N’ Chic

Been wanting to make your OOTDs more sustainable? Kathleen Elie can help with that.

By utilizing her mega-engaged platform (28k followers), she spreads the word about ethically made fashion, helping you shop more sustainably and look damn good doing it.

No more worrying about the dubious sources of your favorite threads- C & C promises to help you reinvent your wardrobe game, one ethically sourced piece at a time. Hit the double tap button right here

Zinnia Kumar

Indo-origin, Australia born, UK based Zinnia Kumar wears a lot of hats. She’s a published scientific author, championer of female empowerment, ecological welfare and believes in amplifying the narratives of people, nature and the diverse cultures of the globe.

Not only does she speak out about the deep-rooted issues of colorism and ethnic representation, but she’s also a major player in sustainability, having recently modeled for H & M’s ‘Conscious Exclusive’ collection, a revolutionary campaign in the fashion industry dedicated to recycling and repurposing clothing.

Follow her on Instagram here.

Leah Thomas AKA Green Girl Leah 

When it comes to protecting and caring for the environment, few people know more about it than Leah Thomas, known to her 178k Instagram followers as ‘Green Girl Leah’.

That’s a fitting moniker for such a badass woman, especially since Leah is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the world when it concerns intersectional environmentalism (isn’t that a mouthful).

Recently, Leah drew up a thoughtful environmentalist pledge that garnered mass acclaim from fellow sustainable leaders and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. Support her right here.

Vanessa Nakate

Hailing from Uganda is this trailblazing climate change activist who has consistently spoken out about systemic racism, inequality and privilege in the environmental community.

Vanessa’s extraordinarily thought provoking Instagram feed boasts a jaw-dropping 99k followers, all of whom wholeheartedly support her inclusive message.

She also founded a new project known as the 1 Million Activist Stories, a collection of anecdotes and observations from fellow climate activists. Find out more here.

Genesis Butler

What did you get up to when you were thirteen years old? If you’re anything like most of us, I’m gonna say homework, Club Penguin and trips to the local mall.

What’s Genesis Butler doing?

At all of 13 years of age, she’s following in the (green) footsteps of Greta Thunberg and has already established herself as a climate and animal activist, having strode onto the stage as a TEDx speaker, founded and contributed to projects like Genesis For Animals, Youth Climate Save, Marvel’s Hero Project and more.

Makes your teen years seem slightly below average, doesn’t it?

Follow Genesis and her activist journey on the ‘Gram right this way. 

Jennifer Nini

Aussie influencer Jennifer Nini describes herself as a writer, activist, organic farm owner and ‘Vegan Boss Bitch’ - with a title like that, you know she’s a certifiable badass!

Jennifer advocates for sustainable fashion, conscious purchasing, environmental conservation and more across her various platforms centered around her green goddess brand, Eco Warrior Princess.

Her feed is an explosion of color, dotted with fresh fruits and veggies from her own farm. If you’ve been meaning to eat healthier (haven’t we all)- give her a glance, right here.


Adopting a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t something that happens overnight- it’s a slow, gradual change that takes place over a certain period of time.

You’re always changing, always learning, always striving to do better.

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

So lace up your (sustainable) sneakers and get going.

You got this.


By Rosh for Vaycay Beauty


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