how to use shampoo bars and conditioner bars

How To Use Your Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Vaycay bars naturally enrich your hair with essential vitamins and oils like coconut oil (don't worry they aren't greasy!).  It's super easy to use but there are a few tricks to make your bars go a long way: 

1) RUB: Rub the shampoo bar gently between your hands with a little bit of water. The shampoo one is the bigger bar. It will become sudsy with just a few swipes!

2) CLEAN: 
A little goes a long way so keep that in mind - one Vaycay bar can last up to 2 shampoo bottles! Do not keep it wet for too long, or after use, because natural ingredients tend to dissolve faster. 

how to use shampoo and conditioner bars

3) RINSE: 
Rinse and dry hair as you would when using regular shampoo. Keep your bar dry by storing outside of the shower & away from water and steam.  Natural ingredients dissolve faster so please keep that in mind!  Use a wooden tray with a soap drain if possible. 

4) CONDITION: If you have a Vaycay conditioner bar (recommended for results), rub it across your hair and then rinse. It is not sudsy, so you can rub your conditioner bar through the ends and leave it in. Use as much as needed based on the dryness of your natural hair. Shampoo bars can strip your hair of chemicals (bringing back volume & softness - yay!) but using a Vaycay conditioner bar is recommended for added moisture. 

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  If your hair texture is naturally frizzy, you can use the conditioner bar on the ends and leave it in! Yes, it does work! Or try a dab of natural hair oil for taming frizzy ends. Be patient and see what works for you!
Let your haircare bars air dry on a wood soap rack and keep them out of the shower if possible.

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Our bars are made with high-quality, natural ingredients however like all beauty products, please read the ingredients carefully before use. Some do contain fragrances.  Please stop using immediately if you develop anything out of the ordinary. 

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