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If you're just starting out on your shampoo bar journey, then we understand you probably want to know more. Haircare bars are new to the scene and therefore come with a lot of questions! Your hair will feel softer than ever before, and you'll be wondering - how did that happen? 


Here's all the info you need on our Vaycay Beauty bars... 

How do they work to make your hair soft?
Our bars are unlike your average shampoo bars. They're formulated with ingredients such as Rapeseed Oil specifically to help your scalp and hair with nourishment, restoration and volume. They work to restore the natural PH levels of your scalp. The results are almost always instant.

Are they easy to use?
Yes! The shampoo bar lathers like regular shampoo and the conditioner bar can be 'swiped' on for nourishment. After 1-2 washes we promise you, you will find what is right for your hair! You can read more on how to use and care for your Vaycay Beauty bars here. 

Are all of the bars vegan?
Yes! All of our bars are vegan and handmade with natural, toxin-free ingredients. We do not use beeswax, goat's milk or any other animal products in our bars. They are also not tested on animals. 

Do you use palm oil? 
Absolutely not. We are also proudly paraben-free. 

What is the difference between Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and the SCS found in your bars?  
SLS is a common ingredient found in household products (including traditional shampoos) and is known to be harsh on the skin. In order to make our shampoo bars lather, and give you that clean feeling, we use a more natural, gentler form of sulfate called Sodium Coco-Sulfate, which is a blend of the fatty acids found in coconut oil. This helps you get a more natural clean without the usual irritation of SLS. Our conditioner bars are sulphate free.  

How do I care for my bars? 
Natural ingredients will dissolve with the slightest bit of water or steam so we recommend patting your bars dry after use and keeping them out of the shower. Your bars should last around 2 months or even longer. 

Do I need the conditioner bar? 
Short answer: Yes. If you have slightly frizzy natural hair or if you have damaged hair, the conditioner bar is even more important for you. You can rinse it out or even leave it in, depending on what works for your hair. After a few washes, you'll know what works for you! 

How do I know if the conditioner bar is working? 
You'll know once your hair is dried and you feel the difference. The best way to use it is to swipe it across your hair a few times. After a few washes, you'll know what works for you. 

Does it make my hair greasy?
No. Our bars use a mix of ingredients that help balance oil production in your scalp. They do not cause any kind of build-up and you may even find that you can wash your hair less after you start using it. 

Does it work for hair loss?
We've seen some really positive early results for hair loss. People have told us that the bars have stopped their hair falling out in the shower and even promoted regrowth. These results vary over a few months. By using natural ingredients and clearing chemical build-up, Vaycay Beauty bars are able to promote a healthy scalp, thereby helping you restore the natural PH levels. 

What are the PH levels of your bars? 
pH levels really matter. Why? Because that's how you can measure your hair and scalp health. Have you ever taken a shower on vacation and noticed the water just ruins your hair? This is the pH level of the water. 

In a nutshell, everything lands on a pH scale from 0 to 14. If something is acidic, that means its pH is low, ranging from 0 to 6.9. If something is alkaline, that means it's from 7.1 to 14. If something is neutral, it lands right in the middle at 7. 

Your scalp, like the rest of your skin, runs at about 5.5. Your hair runs at about 3.67. Anything that you put on your scalp or hair, from water to product, can affect the pH, as is true for your whole body. And when the natural pH changes, you'll see changes. Water's pH is around a 7, so when you take a shower, it will raise the pH—sometimes reaching as high as mid 6. And a shampoo's pH runs the gamut, from an acidic 3.5 to alkaline 9. When hair becomes more alkaline, the cuticles raise and it becomes drier, frizzier, and more prone to damage. On the flip side, acidic products help close the cuticle.

The typical soap, castile soap, or shampoo bar is a pH of 9-10 and very few soaps if any are lucky to have a pH as low as 7.

Vaycay Beauty Bars pH levels range from 5 to 7 so they don't disrupt your natural pH levels. This also means you shouldn’t need to do an apple cider vinegar rinse after shampooing. 

How do they work with colour treated or textured hair?
Most of our customers with colour treated or textured hair find that Vaycay Beauty bars are easier and gentler on their hair than store-bought shampoos and conditioners. They do not contain toxins or chemicals and therefore are safe for all types of hair.  

However, if your hair is damaged it will take longer to see results. Some have noticed a difference after 1-2 months. It really depends on the extent of the damage.

Since everyone is different, we suggest taking advantage of our trial offer and seeing how it works for you. 

How do I store my bars?
We working on developing our own bar dish and travel solutions but in the meantime, check out these options available now.

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