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My journey for natural haircare... 

For a long time, chemicals have ruled our beauty and personal care products. We indulge in billions of dollars of hair and body care treatments every day but until recently we have rarely thought about what is in them, or the effect it's having on our planet, skin and even our brains (studies show some of these harsh chemicals are even linked to cancer). 

Ashlene Nand Vacay Bars Beauty Australia

While traveling in the USA, I had decided to try alternative hair care. With thick, Indian hair (frizzy ends and oily roots), I was struggling to find any affordable natural & organic solutions that didn't flatten or break my hair. For years I tried every hair bar on the market including the infamous Lush bars and nothing worked. I wanted volume, sure, but without the hefty price and the beauty experience I was used to with my skincare. 

Then on a trip to Miami, I discovered these handmade shampoo & conditioner bars in Florida. These were not your traditional soaps or popular shampoo bars. These were natural, vegan, cruelty-free & SLS-free - formulated with just the right amount of cocoa butter and coconut oil - and topped with essential oils. They lathered like my regular shampoo, smelled amazing and my hair was instantly softer. After a few washes, I couldn't believe how much volume I had!

Ashlene Vacay bars Indian Hair Australia

When I moved back home to Australia in 2019, I decided I needed to bring these bars back home. I knew there were other women like me who are tired of using the same shampoo and conditioners with the exact same formula since the '60s and '70s. I also knew that if other women knew these bars existed, they would never go back. 

I've now made it my mission to get VAYCAY Beauty in as many hands as possible. If we can get more women to make the switch, we'll be able to save single-use plastic bottles from our beloved oceans.  Each set saves 2-4 plastic bottles and liquid going down our drains. Isn't it incredible that we can have amazing hair and make a positive impact on our planet, too? 

I sincerely hope you will make the switch. 

If you have more questions on how VAYCAY bars work, visit our FAQs here. 

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